Secure your belongings with Self Care Storage Dubai.

Everyone wants his home or workplace should be spotless & in an organized way. To hoard things for future use, people end up in a mess. So, to keep your belongings secure & in an organized way, you can look for Dubai Storage Companies As we understand your needs & requirements, according to it we suggest you the best. Our storage facility provides proper space for your priceless possessions which aid in creating space in your home for other necessary things.

There are certain points that one should keep in mind while selecting the storage. They are -


The first thing that comes to mind when you want to store your belongings is the size of the storage unit because it matters a lot. A good storage facility provides different varieties according to your requirements.


Things are secured it’s good, but the place where it is stored must be easily accessible. So, while choosing the storage facility, see that your home, office or business must be near it, otherwise, you have to spend more to get your stored things back.


You must enquire & check all the safety measures so that you will be relaxed. Our company Self Care Storage Dubai provides excellent services to its customers. We do constant monitoring through CCTV which will give you peace of mind.

Climate Control

It is one of the most important aspects which should not be ignored. It’s crucial that things should be stored at the proper temperature otherwise the excess heat and moisture may deteriorate the stuff.

Cost factor

It is the first thing that we keep in mind before availing any facility. The storage facility should be such that is affordable & no extra charge will be there. Look after the additional fees or charges if you want to extend the storage period. For this you can avail our standard services of Storage Company in Dubai as we do not charge any extra amount, you only have to pay for the space your stuff acquires.

People love to keep the vintage items of their ancestors as a keepsake but they face the problem of space along with this they don’t want to detach themselves from them likewise if you are running a business or have an office then there are stacks of important files & other important things that need to be stored at a safe place so that it can be accessed easily. So, don’t get disappointed as there are numerous benefits of availing our storage facilities. They are

» It helps you to keep your things in an organized way as your stuff is properly & systematically kept at a storage company.

» Your time is money, you keep your valuable possessions at Lockable Storage in Dubai which saves your time as well as money because we keep strict watch and our storage units are quite neat and clean so you will get your belongings back in the same condition you brought them.

» Our lockable storage facility makes our customers feel that their things are not at risk.


We are quite flexible in our dealings. You can choose the storage according to your needs as well and you can modify it also. We handle everything in a hassle-free manner.

24/7 Access

It’s one of our plus points that we give round-the-clock service to our customers and they will never face any shortage of storage. Any time, they can get easy access to their stuff.