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Why should you choose a storage company for your extra storage needs?

We Self Care Storage are the Best Storage Company in Dubai and an affordable company. We Provide the Best Storage in Dubai at very affordable prices which other companies are not able to do and that's how we are unique from others because we understand we all have precious memories with us. We are very attached to our goods because they are given by our loved ones like families, our partners, etc.

But sometimes even after managing all the space in our home very carefully, we don't have enough space to keep our precious goods or things secure, and as a result, we get anxious because we don't want to throw them away. They are our precious memories and we understand the value of your relationship with your loved ones that's why one of the best Dubai Storage companies in the world is now coming to help you to secure your precious memories with our Storage Dubai services.

Why we are providing Affordable Services?

You may be thinking if we are providing storage services at very affordable prices then we are not secure but actually it's not. We are doing everything because we understand the connection of loved ones and how important they are to you and that's why your every precious memory is secured in a proper locker with an alarm system. We strongly believe in technology updates and that's why we always share real-time updates with you.

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At The Self Care, we love our staff and continuously invest in their happiness. This positive work environment ensures our team deliver the very best in customer service and experience. It’s how we’ve become the most trusted storage and moving provider in Dubai.

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Self Care Storage is a Storage company in Dubai that provides you a storage facility in a very secure, reasonable, and cost-effective manner. Our vision of the company is that we want to become the most preferred company whenever someone talks about Storage Services and that's why we are committed to providing you with high-quality service so that our reputation can increase.

We are providing customized Cheap Storage Dubai solutions according to every client's needs by delivering exceptional services.

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What Differentiate us?

We have worked so hard and we are still working very hard and with dedication and because of this we have become the Best storage company in Dubai. We do quality work always which makes you happy and makes us proud.

There are already multiple Ventures like Dubai Storage companies but what differentiates us from them is our quality of service. We don't only say that we provide you the best but we also do the best and we can prove that.

We Self Care Storage is the number one service provider when it comes to Cheap Storage Dubai with Quality Service. We always stick to our commitment and deliverability.

Our Testimonials

Customer Stories

We hired Selfcare Storage to help us pack and relocate. Must say they are very quick and trained to handle the job effortlessly and finish it on time. Highly satisfied.

- Neha

I needed a storage unit to store my belonging while I was going out of the country for a while. It is always a rational choice to get a storage unit instead of paying rent for the apartment or villa while being away. The facilities that Selfcare Storage provides have no parallel in Dubai and I always choose this place to store my valuables

– Emma

As my children are growing and the family is getting bigger, it has become difficult to take care of some of the things that are hard to let go of. I had an old bicycle and furniture from my parents' home stored in my store that I wanted to remove to get more space. But it was a difficult choice as I have several memories attached to these things. A friend of mine suggested I get a storage unit at Selfcare Storage to declutter my house. I must say that I not only moved these items but also several others that barely come in use. Best Decision ever

– Mohit Chandan

I needed a safe place to dash my house stuff while moving abroad. Thanks to Selfcare Storage for providing the best storage facility where I stored my stuff for more than a year.


While moving over office to a new location, we were looking for a storage facility to store our extra office equipment in a safe place. Selfcare storage came to our rescue with economical packages. It’s been more than a year now that the equipment is still there. We access it whenever we want to. Highly recommended.

Aamir Khan

We wanted a reliable packing and moving service to securely take our precious and fragile stuff to a new place. Thanks to Selfcare Storage for the best packing and moving service. You can absolutely rely on them to handle you delicate and valuable stuff while moving.

Shwet Chandaria