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Easy tips and tricks to keep bugs, rodents, and other insects out of your storage this summer

Storage facilities can be a perfect place to keep the valuables that you no longer have space for but still want to keep, and there's no reason why they shouldn't be treated with the same care as if they were stored at your home. Professional storage facilities use an integrated approach to ensure that your belongings are totally safeguarded from pests rodents and all kinds of bugs and you have the peace of mind you require. Living in UAE you can find a storage facility in Dubai with the best pest control management system. If you have private storage in Dubai or want to get the services of a storage firm to keep your valuable safe, here's a checklist of what should be done to keep the maniac of pests and rodents away. Have a look here:

Regular Inspections:

This is a crucial component in determining the difference between a good storage facility and one that is simply ordinary. Pests can enter storage units through even the tiniest openings, thus good storage facilities use weather stripping on the doors and windows and keep the storage tightly sealed. Arranging pest control checks on a regular basis to detect all potential vulnerabilities and harborage zones that could lead to an infestation is highly recommended.

Taking Preventive measures:

Regular pest control checks identify vulnerabilities that are quickly rectified by commercial pest control services, which also undertake structural maintenance to block all potential entrance points found during inspections. Better storage facilities also have an effective sanitation system in place to prevent all possible infestations, giving you peace of mind that your possessions will be safe.

Ensuring Climate Controlled Conditions:

Good storage units also have a stringent cleanliness code, with frequent inspections to ensure that the area around the units is dry. All of the guttering and downspouts around the property are in good working order, and water is diverted away from the storage lockers so that it does not pool and grow stagnant. A drip system is also installed in some storage facilities to prevent pooled rainwater water from becoming stagnant

If you're looking for a trusted self-storage facility, make sure to check with the facility operator to see if they've worked with commercial pest control services before storing your stuff. With pest-free storage units, high-tech security, climate-controlled conditions, and convenient access hours, Self Care Storage is one such facility that goes above and beyond to provide you with an outstanding storage experience.