Are you storing these hazardous items in the storage? Stop now!

Storage units are no less than a blessing for those who live in small compounds, run businesses on a small scale, or moving abroad for a while. Whether you have home stuff, furniture, office documents, equipment, suitcases, or vehicles, you can store a lot in Private Storage in Dubai. All you need to ensure is that the storage unit you have picked is secured with reliable locks, 24/7 surveillance with CCTV cameras, and free of pest infestation. Once you have picked a company best among Dubai Storage companies, you are good to store your stuff confidently. But, wait a minute. Indeed, you can just store anything but you have to show some responsibility as well. Some things are not good to store as they can incur damage to not only your stuff but also the storage company. Here is what you shouldn't store in a storage unit.

Unpacked/perishable food

Perishable food acts like a magnet to attract pests, mildew, and mold. Even if your storage unit is climate-controlled, the perishable food items are bound to decay over time. Even some canned food items run at the risk of combustion due to unfavorable environments or poor packaging. Avoid storing food items in a storage unit at all costs.

Hazardous Material

Avoid storing inflammable, toxic, or combustible items such as paint, paint thinners, acetone, acid, oil, chlorine bleach, kerosene oil, fireworks, compressed gas, fertilizer, grease, and so on. you can also consult the storage company in this regard to see their policy in storing such items and see a complete list of items they have marked hazardous.


Weapons and ammunition such as hand grenades, guns, gunpowder, and flame throwers, are not supposed to be placed in a storage unit for obvious safety concerns. They can lead to potential loss if triggered causing immense damage to the property as well as legal problems.

Living or dead things

It is needless to say but still important enough to be included in the list. People, plants, or animals, whether living or dead, cannot be placed in storage units. It is inhumane and could lead to severe criminal charges.

Wet Items

Whether is it furniture, vehicles, or anything else, wet items should not be placed in closed-off places. It could potentially cause mold and mildew that could further damage other items in the unit.


If you have to store money, pick a bank rather than a storage unit. No matter how secure, a storage unit is still an unsafe place than a bank or storage box. If caught by rodents, termites, or mold, you can suffer an immense loss of money. The worst thing is that you can't claim the protection of money stored in Storage Dubai.