Tips to move heavy furniture and appliances

Moving certain household items could be challenging for homeowners. If you are planning to move to a new house, moving all the household is a daunting task that overshadows the joy of a new house. Whether you need to move the luggage to a new house or a Storage rental in Dubai, you have to pay attention to how you pack and move them securely without inflicting any damage. Read below for some tested tips to move heavy furniture and appliances in the home.

Packing Refrigerator

Packing and moving a refrigerator is challenging because you have to protect it not only from falls but scratches as well. If handled smartly, it becomes quite easy to pack and move the fridge to another place with some help. First, disconnect the fridge from the power source and empty it from everything you have stored inside and clean it well. Push or tilt the fridge carefully on the appliance dolly. The only difficult step is mounting the fridge onto the dolly. Once it’s there, all you have to do is to take the dolly to the moving van and secure it there. For unmounting from the van, repeat the same process. Make sure to let the fridge settle for 24-72 hours before plugging it back again.

Packing Sofa

Whether it is a large double-door wardrobe or a small single-door, a wardrobe is a difficult piece to move as it has a sturdy structure. Before moving the wardrobe, make sure to remove everything inside it. Once you empty it, it becomes quite lighter in weight. Next, fasten a belt or lock the doors to stop them from opening up while on the move. Move it to the dolly with help and secure it in the van.

Packing the bed

Most bed comes with detachable parts which makes them easier to move. Before packing, remove the mattress, pillows, linen, duvets, and anything that is placed on the bed. Remove all the detachable pieces and move them to the van. To reattach the bed without any difficulty, you mark the pieces or label them to remember the sequence. Cover the mattress, pillows, and bedspreads in a plastic sheet to secure them against dust and water penetration.

If you are living in Dubai as a tenant, then we suggest you invest in furniture that is light in weight and easy to detach. Being a foreigner and a tenant, it is likely that you will be switching places over time. So, invest in furniture and appliance that are not too big or heavy to move to another location or place in a Private Storage in Dubai.