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Summer Care: 5 tips for Storage Facilities

Summer is in full swing here in Dubai and the sun is not shying away from blazing all its heat on us. No one, humans, animals, birds, or even non-living beings are not safe from the scathe of this scorching heat. In such a weather, when we make sure to stay in air-conditioned houses and prefer to stay hydrated, we should look up our belongings stashed in a Private Storage in Dubai far away. All things are prone to heat and can decay if not cared for properly.

Climate Control

As the major concern is the weather, you need to make sure that your belonging in the storage units is safe. In a locked-out facility, there is a high chance of humidity which may cause penetration of moisture in the area. It further leads to mold and mildew which is extremely harmful to things like furniture, clothes, paper, etc. stashed in the unit. So, make sure to choose the storage unit that comes with a climate-control system. Pay a visit to the facility once or twice in the season to ensure that the system is running well.

Plastic Bins

If you want to go an extra mile to protect your belongings from the penetration of moisture, invest in good air-tight plastic bins. It is a quite helpful and simple way to keep your stuff away from the mold. If you can’t put some belonging in the bin, try plastic wrapping them.

Keep it Dry

Make sure there is no room for water in the room. If you are placing your clothes there, dry them well to avoid moisture. You can also throw some moisture absorbers in the storage containers so that moisture finds no place to sink in.

Label the containers

Though not summer-related, it is the best way of packing. It enables you to look after delicate things without having to find them in containers. If you are worried about your clothes, for instance, you should know where to look in the containers.

Avoid Spillage

Sometimes, when we go out in the summer, we tend to keep water bottles or juices with us to stay hydrated. While you are working in the Storage Units in Dubai, there is always a risk of spilling some water or juice on the ground. So, be extra cautious while bringing food or drink to the storage units to avoid not only spillage but also pest infestation.

Selfcare Storage gives you complete freedom to check on your belongings whenever you want. Our flawless storage units are bound to keep your belonging protected at all costs however if you still want to come over to inspect the unit from inside, we welcome you wholeheartedly.