Storage Tips for Students

No matter whether you are living in your college dorm or at a private hostel, it is usual to face storage issues. Most of these living places have smaller rooms and limited space for students to keep their belongings. As the year's pass, the collectibles increase featuring books, notes, clothes, and other stuff which makes it difficult for students to manage their stuff. This is why they are always looking for Storage Dubai ideas. Read below to know how to manage your belongings in a small space.

Invest in a shelf desk

Having a study table is important for students to complete all the assignments and prepare for the exams. Before you pick a study table, go for a shelf desk. A shelf disk is relatively larger than a simple table and has a proper shelf attached to the table. It is very useful to place your books, notes, and stationery in one place instead of throwing everything in the cupboard. It allows more space in the cupboard to store shoes, blankets, hang clothes, and so on.

Keep the desk close to the bed

Another thing you do to save space is place the study table close to the bed. If you have a study table closer to the bed, you don’t need to spend on a separate bed table to place a table lamp, timepiece, and other things you keep on the nightstand. It not only allows more space but is also cost-effective to use one thing for multi-purposes.

Use jars/holders for stationery

If you are trying to save money, then use old food jars to keep the stationary such as pencils, highlighters, markers, etc. Why invest in a new pen holder when you have an empty peanut butter bottle? Just wash it well and use it as a holder. You can also use paint to make it look attractive or not.

Use space under the bed

Having a small space is only a nuisance if you don’t know how to use it properly. For instance, the place under the bed can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as storing extra luggage, keeping food containers, or place shoe cartons, and so on.

Keep only seasonal clothes

One of the biggest mistakes most students make is keeping the stuff they don’t need. As soon as the season changes, you need to take 2-3 hours from your schedule to pack the clothes you don’t need and send them back home or place them in a storage unit. Keeping the out-of-season clothes will only reduce the space in your room.

Get a Storage Unit

If you are struggling with space issues and are far away from home to send some stuff back, then hiring a storage unit is the safest option. You can store clothes, outdated books, shoes, furniture, and even old bicycle in the storage units. You will be surprised to know that you can avail of student discounts as well at several storage units.If you are a student based in Dubai and looking for affordable Storage Units in Dubai, contact us at Selfcare Storage.