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Packing and Storing Furniture for long-term

Packing your belongings is not a joke and especially when it comes to furniture, you have to be extra careful. If you are planning to stash your furniture for the long term, then you must prepare for it. Furniture is always prone to mold, dampness, rust, and so on. If not handled properly, the entire set of furniture can go to waste. It is common in households to store their furniture in stores or sheds built inside the house. However, if you are running out of place, moving out, or want to store the furniture for a long term, then it is ideal to seek a Storage rental in Dubai. Instead of domestic sheds and stores, a storage unit is a better place to store your valuable furniture.

A Storage Unit is well built to protect the items from climatic effects such as rain, thunderstorms, dust storm, etc., and also comes up with a security system to protect from theft and intrusion. While searching for a Storage Facility Dubai, make sure to look for one that has the latest security system installed and has pest-control services as part of the deal. But being an owner, you have to take some responsibility yourself instead of relying totally on the storage facility. Instead of stashing your furniture haphazardly in the store, we encourage our readers to take proper measures to store the furniture for its protection. Below are given some tips to follow while packing your furniture for storage.


Cleaning is the first job that has to be done diligently. Use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth to remove dust from the furniture thoroughly. Next, use a cleaner to clean the surface and get rid of the invisible dust and bacteria living on the surfaces. Please make sure to use the right kind of cleaning products on the surface of the furniture. If the furniture is made of wood, use wooden cleaners and if the furniture is made of glass or plastic, use the relevant cleaners. The next part should be to leave the furniture open for a while to let it dry completely.


The next step is packing the furniture to keep it safe from dents and chipping. Don’t use plastic sheets as plastic tends to lock in the moisture. Use relevant packing materials for example cloth or paper.


While storing the items in the unit, place the heavy furniture first. Use small blocks for a small lift from the ground to protect from water in case. Place the smaller and delicate furniture above the heavy furniture if you have limited space available.

Clean the storage

Once you have stacked your furniture, it is better to clean the Private Storage in dubai to get rid of food crumbs, packing waste, water, and other harmful and unnecessary stuff. Leaving such materials behind could lead to pest infestation, mold, or any other unforeseen attack.