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Look after your stuff in the storage facility

The summer season is about to begin and it is the time we recommend you to visit your storage facility and sort out your stuff. A Private Storage in dubai is like an extended part of your house and needs your attention as well. Just as a house needs proper cleaning and cluttering before any season, the storage space also requires some attention from the owner to be season-ready. The commencement of the summer season calls for a visit to the storage center and ensures the safety of all the stuff logged there. Since, professional storage services like SelfCare Storage, only allows the owners to access the unit, the responsibility falls on the unit owner to visit the place and make it summer-ready. In this post, we will share some reasons why you should head to your designated Storage Facility Dubai with the start of the summer season.

Take extra Stuff with you

Now that the winter season is officially over, we encourage you to declutter your house and take extra stuff to the storage unit. Blankets, heavy rugs, curtains, room heaters, sweaters, boots, etc., take too much space in the house. If you are planning a visit to the unit don’t forget to take these items to move there.

Clean the Unit

Once you have reached there, you should make some effort to remove dust from the belongings and clean the unit thoroughly. Your next visit may not come any time soon so make sure that the unit stays clean for the long term for the sake of the protection of the items stored in it.

Summer Stuff

As the summer season has started, look for the forgotten items in your belonging to take back home such as pool accessories, summer dresses, patio furniture, footballs, etc to make your summer more fun.

Clean from Pest infestation

Summer is the favorite season of many pests and they are always in search of cool shelter to breed and grow. Stuff stored inside the storage unit is always vulnerable to pest attacks so always make sure there are no safe passages for pests to access the place. Though many storage facilities offer pest control as part of their services, you can also go for extra precautions and use repellents in the unit.


While you are visiting your Private Storage in dubai, make sure that the temperature is well-maintained in the place by the authorities to stay safe from the dangers of mold and dampness. Also, look for the unsealed holes, opened windows, etc., and close them to keep the place safe from rain and dusty winds.