Items you can’t place in a Storage Unit

Self-Storage is a great solution to secure your belongings if you have extra stuff at home or in the relocation phase. All leading storage companies including Selfcare Storage, have set devised some rules and policies that all the stashers need to adhere to if they need a Storage rental in Dubai. In this article, we have outlined some basic things to avoid keeping in storage units that are generally considered wrong at all storage companies.


Firstly, you can’t place food items in a storage unit unless the unit is designed to be a food warehouse. In regular storage units, you need to ensure that you can’t keep food items. Food is an ideal source to attract pests and bugs. Even you can’t keep canned items as food is bound to rot in time forming mold in the unit which ultimately causes damage to the other stuff in the storage unit.

Flammable Materials

Toxic or flammable materials such as paint, paint thinners, oil, fireworks, fertilizers, acid, bleach, acetone, grease, radioactive materials, gasoline, and all such materials that could catch fire or release poisonous gas are not supposed to be placed at the storage unit.

Weapons and Ammunition

Weaponry such as pistols, grenades, flame throwers, and all such items that are at risk to go off accidentally is not supposed to be put in the storage unit. Even if you have a license to hold such weaponry, you should avoid placing them in a unit. Being locked away in a unit is not only risky safety-wise but could also cause damage to the weaponry.

Wet Items

Any wet items should not be placed in the storage unit. It happens in a case when people place their scuba gear, surfboards, floaters, kayaks, etc right after using them in the water. Leaving them in the unit without drying them first could cause mold and the formation of algae which could damage all other items in the storage unit.

Living Beings

Whether it is plants or animals or even humans, you can't leave them behind in storage. It is a matter of common sense and needs no further explanation.


A storage unit is a place to secure your extra stuff at home or office in a safe place. It is not a home rental and no one uses it as a living space. Many people make the mistake of using it as a hiding place however, it should be kept in mind that s storage unit is not suitable for living.

Stolen and illegal Goods

If you are in processions of stealing goods, you should not bring them to the storage unit. The storage units are well-monitored places and if the management would get the slightest idea of storing illegal goods, they won’t hesitate to call the authorities.


A Storage unit is not a place to store currency notes if you have any cash to store, you should opt for a bank deposit box. Storing money in a storage unit is a waste as it is likely to cause mold and mildew. Moreover, you shouldn’t trust anyone with your cash. If you are looking for a Private Storage in Dubai to store your valuables, reach out to us at Selfcare Storage.