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How to safely store furniture in a private storage in Dubai

Storage facilities are often rented to put away the extra belongings in a safe place. Many individuals, families, or commercial entities seek commercial storage Dubai to either store the extra or old furniture in a safe place while they are facing space issues or on the move. However, to ensure that the furniture is kept in a safe place, you don’t just need a locked room but you have to be assured of certain things to keep the furniture safe even in an enclosed space. You can rent the space for long or Warehouse storage facilities Dubai depending on your use necessity. Once you have acquired a space, you can stock your furniture however you want. But for the safety of the furniture, follow some rules such as,

Inspect the storage space

Check the storage space of holes, loose locks, seepage, etc. to ensure your furniture is safe from the penetration of rats, theft, moisture, pests, and other such things. You must check if the storage is clean and dry with no leaking roof or walls.

Clean the Storage Space

It is advised to clean the rented storage space yourself before stashing your furniture. Use pest-controlling sprays to keep the area clean of wood-eating pests. If you have iron-made furniture, then make sure the space is damp-free with no chance of moisture forming inside. Don’t leave behind any food particles that can attract pests and germs.

Clean the Furniture

Before stashing the furniture in storage space, clean it well. Once in storage, it would be difficult for you to come to clean the furniture. So, give the furniture a good scrub to clean the dust and dirt formed on its surface. You can use cleaning sprays as well depending on the material of your furniture.

Wrap It

Once you have cleaned the furniture, you can use plastic sheets, paper, old newspapers, or even old clothes or towels to add an extra layer of security to your furniture. While cloth or paper may be considered an environmentally-friendly way to protect your furniture, they can’t do much to save it in case of water penetration. Use plastic to protect the furniture from water leakages or flooding.

Lift it

To protect the furniture from leakages and flooding, keep it off the ground. You can use wooden blocks, furniture lift pads, or cinder blocks to raise the furniture a little off the ground. If you have nothing else, use you can even use a wooden plank or spread a cloth beneath your furniture. You can also ask for help from the Private Storage in Dubai if they have anything to give away.